Flexibility Reward Option (FRo)

Get flexible and earn up to RM200 per way with FRo!

FRo is offering travellers rewards of up to RM200 per way when they have travel flexibility. If you have booked an AirAsia X flight and are flexible to take another flight (of your choice) then you could earn RM200 per way! It’s that simple!

How do I earn RM200 with FRo?

Visit our partner - Optiontown.com and follow these steps:

  • Select Flexibility Reward option (FRo) tab.
  • Provide your Booking Reference, Last Name and Email to retrieve your booking.
  • Indicate if your flexibility allows you to take an alternative flight the same day or up to 15 (fifteen) days after your scheduled departure date.
  • Select your desired alternative flight from the list of flights displayed to complete the sign-up.

Once completed, you will receive an email confirming your FRo sign-up.

  • You will be notified via email if we have moved you to your selected alternate flight. You may choose to receive your FRo decision notification up to either one (1) day or three (3) days before your original flight departure.
  • You may earn up to RM10 per way just for signing up for FRo, even if your originally booked flights do not change.
  • You may also earn up to RM200 per way, if Optiontown moves you to your selected FRo Flight.

Important: Please note that only once you have confirmed your choice of alternative flights (FRo Flights) and completed the FRo Sign-up, AirAsia X and Optiontown may choose to move you to those selected alternative flights. You will be notified via email before your selected notification deadline (either 1 or 3 days before departure) if you are being moved or not. The availability of FRo is dynamic and may vary for different flights or times.

Visit www.optiontown.com to see what alternative flights are available and how much you can earn!

Get Optiontown’s FRo Rewards