1. What is group booking?
    Group booking is a booking option for guest who wishes to book for 10 or more passengers.
  2. What are the payment methods?
    Guest may use credit cards (Visa/Master/American Express/ JCB), agency’s prepayment account, cheque payment and cash payment to AirAsia’s bank account.
  3. Do I enjoy promotional fares via group desk?
    No, Group Desk offers regular fares only. Promotional fares can be purchased via AirAsia.com.
  4. What other benefits can I enjoy?
    Guest will enjoy flexibility in terms of payment as well as other benefits. The benefits shall apply for booking made via group desk only.
  5. Can I perform self- check- in?
    Booking with 10 passengers or above only can perform self-check-in via web check-in.
  6. Is there a discount for senior citizens, children, students or infants in group booking?
    No, we do not provide special fares for senior citizen or students. Guest may bring an infant on board, subjected to a fixed infant fee as provided in the fee schedule.