Manila (MNL) to Shenzhen (SZX) Flights

Get cheap flights from Manila (MNL) to Shenzhen (SXZ)

Get your cheap flights from Manila to Shenzhen, China! AirAsia now offers cheap fares and flight promos for your Manila to Shenzhen flights. Check out AirAsia promos from MNL to SZX on or the AirAsia MOVE, where you’ll be sure to get really good flight deals. Check the Manila to Shenzhen ticket price and choose the best one for you. Travel with cheap tickets for your Manila to Shenzhen flights now!

Fly non-stop from Manila to Shenzhen

Get direct flights to Shenzhen from Manila on AirAsia. There are many flights from Manila to Shenzhen, both direct flights and flights with layovers for cheap fares. With our online travel agent feature, the airlines that we offer for this route include legacy carriers like Philippine Airlines (PAL), Shenzhen Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Korean Air, Jeju Air and Asiana. You can check for Manila to Shenzhen promos on or the AirAsia MOVE. For those who prefer to fly with no-frills, then AirAsia is an excellent choice for your flight booking. Just be sure to check the Manila to Shenzhen travel time and choose the timing that suits you.

Find the fastest route travel time from Manila to Shenzhen

If you want to know how many hours it takes from Manila to Shenzhen, the shortest flight is a non-stop flight that only takes 2 hours 35 minutes. If you choose to fly with a layover, your Manila to Shenzhen flight time may increase depending on your transit time. There are many benefits with layovers like getting to see a new city if your transit time allows this. Good layover cities include Shanghai, Incheon, Jeju and Busan. Visit the AirAsia MOVE and get your flight booking from Manila to Shenzhen now. 

Services and Facilities

Red Baggage

Complimentary Baggage

Get complimentary 20kg baggage allowance when you purchase the Value Pack, Premium Flex or Premium Flatbed.

Yellow Baggage


You are allowed to bring onboard 2 bags as part of your cabin luggage provided the total weight for both items does not exceed 7kgs.

Premium Flex

You get travel flexibility, 20kg baggage allowance, freedom to choose your seats, Xpress baggage, Xpress boarding, complimentary in-flight meal and 1 Hour On Time Guarantee and Baggage Delay insurance

airasia rewards

Collect airasia points when you fly with us and enjoy super savings when you use them just like cash to pay for flights, hotels, food, insurance, and more!


What is the cheapest price for Manila to Shenzhen?

The cheapest price for Manila-Shenzhen flights starts at -

If I want to get a direct flight from Manila to Shenzhen, which airlines are available for booking?

You can fly directly from Manila to Shenzhen with .

How long does it usually take to fly from Manila to Shenzhen?

A non-stop flight from Manila to Shenzhen takes around -.

Where can I get updates on cheap flights from Manila to Shenzhen?

You can stay up to date on updates for flights promotions from Manila on Shenzhen on AirAsia and other airlines on our flight promo page, main website, AirAsia MOVE, email, and our social media platforms.

If I have a problem with my flight or flight booking, whom can I contact?

If you have a problem with your flight booking or flight, you can reach out to us here. Our team is willing to assist you 24/7.

What is the name of the Shenzhen airport?

The name of the airport in Shenzhen is Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (airport code: SZX)

What to see & do in Shenzhen

A modern metropolis just across the border from Hong Kong, Shenzhen is known for its tech industry, exciting shopping districts and unique architecture. The distance from Shenzhen to Hong Kong airport is only 30 kilometres making Hong Kong a perfect day-trip destination. Here are some attractions in Shenzhen that are not to be missed. 

1. Window of the World

In this amusement park visitors will get to see miniature replicas of popular buildings from across the world such as the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China and the Statue of Liberty. 

2. Shenzhen Safari Park

This wildlife park is home to more than 300 species of animals such as giant pandas, tigers and giraffes. 

3. Shenzhen Bay Park

This park is located on the waterfront and is a great place for jogging, picnicking or simply basking in the beautiful views of Shenzhen. 

4. Splendid China Folk Village

One of the best theme parks in Shenzhen, this park features miniature replicas of famous landmarks in addition to showcasing the diverse culture of China through performances by ethnic minority groups. 

5. OCT-LOFT Creative Culture Park

This creative hub was once an industrial area. It now features cafes and shops together with art galleries showcasing the works of local artists.

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