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Heading in a Different Direction? Start with Flights from Bangkok

They say travel is restorative, and so a flight from Ngai to Bangkok on AirAsia is likely to take you to another level. At AirAsia, we believe everyone can fly, especially when booking tickets is made more affordable than ever. We also believe that you should always be able to change your travel plans. One moment you’re planning to land in Bangkok (DMK), and the next it’s time to head off to explore another part of or another country. So we’ve made that easier with some popular routes taking off from Bangkok.

Bangkok is Beautiful. Explore it with These Flights to Bangkok (DMK)

At AirAsia, we think you should travel flexibly, and a cheap AirAsia flight from Ngai to Bangkok is just that. But what if you decide to change your plans and want to head to Ngai after another adventure? No problem! We’ve put together some great routes into Bangkok from a variety of cities around the world. Just click on any of the routes below that interest you to find a great cheap flight to Bangkok.

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Flights from Ngai to Bangkok

There is no direct flight from Ngai (1AF) to Bangkok (DMK), so the most fuss-free way is to first take a 30-minute ferry ride from Koh Ngai Pier to Pakmeng or Hat Yao Pier, then take a 55-minute car ride to Trang Airport (TST). There, you can catch a 1 hour and 30-minute flight to Bangkok. The entire trip takes about 3 hours (excluding waiting times) and the total distance travelled is about 767 km. Koh Ngai and Bangkok share the same time zone and the GMT for both is +7.

Ko Ngai is a gorgeous island in Krabi province with a central forested area and several perfect white-sand beaches. This paradise is peaceful and surrounded by turquoise water, which makes it suited for couples and families looking for some quiet relaxation, away from late-night parties or concrete jungles.


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