Fantastic 4 Deals

Get your own Fantastic 4 Deals fare in just 3 simple steps!

Step 1

Pick the flights of your choice and select 4 for ‘Guest’ to view Fantastic 4 Deals fare.

AirAsia X Buy 1 Fly 2 Promo

Step 2

Fares on this page will show promo fares for 1 Guest only, select your preferred flight time and click ‘Continue’.

Step 3

Final fares shown are calculated based on the promo fares for Fantastic 4 Deals. Now you’ve saved more for that delightful trip for 4!


1. How I do book?
Go to, the selected number of guests must be 4 – 8 guests to view the promo fares.

2. Promo fare, regular fare and premium seat fare? Which is the ‘Fantastic 4 Deals' fare?
When you select 4 – 8 guests, you will automatically be able to see ‘Fantastic 4 Deals’ fares. 

3. What if I only want to book for 1 person?
You can book as usual through, but the ‘Fantastic 4 Deals’ promo fares will not apply and you will not be able to see the promo fares

4. Can I fly from Taipei to Kuala Lumpur?
Yes you can, our ‘Fantastic 4 Deals’ promo is  available for D7 Fly-Thru flights as well.

5. Can I fly from Taipei to Gold Coast?
Yes, ‘Fantastic 4 Deal’ promo is available for D7 Fly-Thru flights.