AirAsia Mobile Check-in

Make your check-in experience with AirAsia faster, easier and safer with the AirAsia MOVE, yet another innovative product that allows you to check-in digitally from the palm of your hands. AirAsia is at the forefront of new and revolutionary aviation products and this contactless mobile check-in is our commitment in bringing you not only a fast and convenient way to check-in, but also aims to keep you safe while travelling.

Easy, Fast & Safe!

The mobile check-in for AirAsia flights is designed to make your travels easy, fast and safe.


Skip the long queues at the airport counters because all you now need is your smartphone to perform a mobile check-in for your next AirAsia flight!


Performing the check-in for AirAsia flights via the mobile app means you don't have to queue up with hundreds of other travellers. This reduces your contact with airport crowds significantly, enabling you to travel with peace of mind, knowing that you and your loved ones are travelling safely. It is a safe and seamless way to begin your journey.

Save money

It also helps you save money as the AirAsia mobile check-in function waives any counter check-in charges. This is great savings and a wonderful way to start your trip!

Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a simple guide on how to use the AirAsia Mobile check-in app. Make sure your internet connection is available.

Step 1


Launch the AirAsia MOVE

Step 2


Tap on the Check-in button on the Navigation Bar below

Step 3


Fill in your Family name/surname and Booking Number

Step 4


Complete the other required formalities

Step 5


Your boarding pass will be generated. Keep a copy and show it to our ground staff before boarding.

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