Safety Impeding Acts

The Civil Aeronautics Act of Japan prohibits the following acts in the cabin of the aircraft.
AirAsia Japan will take a necessary action to suppress such acts by means of oral directions, issuance of prohibition order from the pilot in command, disembarkation, and custody.

Act which impedes safety of the aircraft
Act which inflicts damage on any other person or property therein
Act which disturbs the order on board
Act which breaks discipline on board

Any of the following acts are subject to a prohibition order from the pilot in command. A person who continues or repeats such acts after our issuing a prohibition order is subject to a fine.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation for the safe flight.

  • Unauthorized operation of the cabin doors or emergency exits etc.
  • Smoking in the lavatory
  • Interfering with the flight crew’s duties
  • Using restricted electronic devices such as cell phones
  • Ignoring the flight crew’s instruction to fasten seatbelts
  • Refusing to return seats or tray tables to their original or upright positions during takeoff or landing
  • Leaving baggage in any place may block, or interfere with evacuation routes
  • Unauthorized use of any emergency equipment such as life vests.

*Please follow the instructions from each airline company when traveling on non-AirAsia Japan flight (DJ).