Preferred Flight Option (PFo)

Get the flight that you prefer for less!

Already booked a promotional flight, but want to fly on your Preferred Flight at another date and/or time? With just a nominal fee, PFo can help you! Just follow the steps below:

Visit our partner - and follow these steps:

  • Select Preferred FLight option (PFo) tab.
  • Provide your PNR, Last Name and Email to retrieve your booking.
  • Do a search for your preferred flight.
  • Select your Preferred Flight, pay a small sign-up fee and a nominal PFo price.

Once completed, you will receive an email confirming your PFo sign-up. You will be notified via email between 1 – 3 days before departure. However, to maximize your chances to fly in Preferred Flight, we recommend you to select the 1 day notification deadline.

Get your Flight Options with Optiontown’s PFo!