AirAsia 2 to Go

Get your ‘2 to Go’ fares in just 3 simple steps!

Step 1

Pick the flights of your choice and select 2 guests.

Step 2

When 2 guests are selected, you will see the promo fares as advertised (subject to availability).

Step 3

Complete the payment and you're ready to fly!


1. How I do book the promo?

Visit, the selected number of guests must be 2 guests to view the promo fares.

2. Promo fare, regular fare and premium seat fare? Which is the ‘2 to Go’ fare?
When you select 2 guests, you will automatically be able to see the ‘2 to Go’ fare.

3. How does this ‘2 to Go’ promo work?
The promo is only applicable for 2 guests per booking. The fare shown on the booking engine breakdown has been automatically divided for 2 pax.

For example:
The advertised fare for Kuala Lumpur to Penang is USD25.86. The booking engine breakdown shows the fare for 2 adults as 2 x USD1.63 + taxes = USD20.22.

4. What if I only want to book for 1 person?
You can book as usual through, but the ‘2 to Go’ fares will not apply and you will not be able to see the promo fares.

5. Is this promo applicable for all AirAsia destinations?
This promo is only applicable for AK flights.