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Island Transfers Terms and Conditions

1. Transportation from Airport to Island and Island to Airport: the transportation shall be including both land transportation and sea transportation as follows:
1.1 Land transportation is serviced by provider's vehicle, the type of the vehicle shall be upon numbers of passengers.
1.2 Sea transportation is serviced by speed boat or ferry depends on the numbers of passengers and/or the vehicles.

Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd ("AirAsia") shall not be related to the providing of the vehicle and/or boat/ferry service arrangement.


2. Transportation by Other Operators: For the land and sea transportation as stated above, AirAsia shall only arrange its passenger for such ticket. Any other terms and conditions of AirAsia shall be also deployed to this service, the notification of such terms and conditions shall upon the sole discretion of AirAsia.


3. Check-In Policy: The passenger have to check-in for the land and/or sea transportation at the transportation provider's counters located at the airport and/or the island prior at least 10 minutes of the departure time.


4. Cancellations and Alterations: The passenger cannot change and/or refund for any air-fares and/or any other transportation charges both land and sea. The cancellation and/or the altering of the flight schedule including to the passenger management policy shall be under the terms and conditions of AirAsia, and the passenger deemed to be acknowledged such terms and conditions since the air flight booking was completed.


5. Extra Charge for Long-Tail Boats: Some destinations may require long-tail boats or other small watercraft to access.  Any charges of such long-tail boats and/or the small watercrafts are excluded from the fares expressed on this website and the passenger have to pay directly to the operator.


6. International Routes: For the international route, the passport must have the validity period more than 6 (six)_months and the visas as conform to the entry requirements of each country.


7. Damages:  AirAsia reserves the right to deny responsibility for any damages occurred to the life and/or the body including but not limited any losses and/or damage to the baggage and/or any delays that are caused by land and/or sea transport operators.