AirAsia X in partnership with Optiontown is bringing you the ever popular comfort traveller options. Only Optiontown can provide you all the options below at a nominal fee to enjoy greater comforts:

  • Upgrade Travel Option (UTo)
  • Empty Seat Option (ESo)
  • Flexibility Reward Option (FRo)
  • Preferred Seat Option (PSo)
  • Preferred Flight Option (PFo)
  • Multiple Booking Option (MBo)

Just click on the tabs on the left to read more about each option.

* AirAsia in partnership with Optiontown provides the Upgrade Travel option (UTo), Empty Seat option (ESo), Flexibility Reward option (FRo) services, Preferred Seat option (PSo), Preferred Flight option (PFo), and Multiple Booking option (MBo). Optiontown is a third party service provider that enhances your travels with AirAsia and is not part of the AirAsia group of companies.