Operational details

Flight terminal change

Effective Friday, 9 May 2014, all of AirAsia and AirAsia X flights will operate from klia2. However, there are also several flights on Thursday, 8 May 2014 that will arrive directly into klia2 instead of LCC Terminal.

Below are the lists of the affected flights:

AirAsia domestic flights arriving into klia2 on 8 May 2014

No. Departure from Flight number Departure time Arrival time into klia2
1 Terengganu AK 6227 1615hrs 1710hrs
2 AK 6221 2120hrs 2215hrs
3 Kota Bharu AK 6439 1710hrs 1810hrs
4 AK 6443 2155hrs 2255hrs
5 AK 6447 2315hrs 0015hrs (9th May)
6 Tawau AK 5741 1855hrs 2140hrs
7 Bintulu AK 5243 1945hrs 2145hrs
8 Alor Setar AK 6015 2145hrs 2250hrs
9 Johor Bahru AK 6049 2205hrs 2255hrs
10 Sibu AK 5875 2100hrs 2255hrs
11 Miri AK 5649 2105hrs 2320hrs
12 Langkawi AK 6323 2240hrs 2345hrs
13 AK 6311 1520hrs 1630hrs
14 AK 6315 2020hrs 2130hrs
15 AK 6317 2110hrs 2220hrs
16 Kota Kinabalu AK 5131 2130hrs 0000hrs (9th May)
17 AK 5117 1855hrs 2125hrs
18 AK 5119 1925hrs 2155hrs
19 Kuching AK 5219 2220hrs 0005hrs (9th May)
20 Penang AK 6121 2305hrs 0005hrs (9th May)
21 AK 6129 2055hrs 2155hrs


AirAsia international flights arriving into klia2 on 8 May 2014

No. Departure from Flight number Departure time Arrival time into klia2
1 Macau AK 189 1640hrs 2030hrs
2 AK 187 1830hrs 2220hrs
3 Nanning AK 169 1730hrs 2110hrs
4 Kunming AK 100 1740hrs 2150hrs
5 Lombok AK 307 1915hrs 2225hrs
6 Ho Chi Minh City AK 525 2110hrs 0000hrs (9th May)
7 AK 529 1240hrs 1530hrs
8 Phuket AK 823 2140hrs 0005hrs (9th May)
9 Bali AK 371 2120hrs 0020hrs (9th May)
10 Shenzhen AK 123 2050hrs 0045hrs (9th May)
11 Hong Kong AK 131 2105hrs 0055hrs (9th May)
12 Yangon AK 503 1930hrs 2345hrs
13 Guangzhou AK 119 0115hrs (9th May) 0525hrs (9th May)
14 AK 117 2050hrs 0055hrs (9th May)
15 Medan AK 394 2125hrs 2325hrs
16 Trichy AK 28 2355hrs 0625hrs (9th May)
17 AK 24 0925hrs 1555hrs
18 AK 26 1705hrs 2335hrs
19 Kochi AK 38 2330hrs 0620hrs (9th May)
20 Kolkata AK 62 0040hrs (9th May) 0720hrs (9th May)
21 Chennai AK 12 1750hrs 0020hrs (9th May)


AirAsia X international flights departing from LCCT on 9 May 2014

No. Destination Flight number Departure time from LCCT
1 Perth D7 236 0005hrs
2 Osaka D7 532 0100hrs
3 Busan D7 518 0115hrs
4 Jeddah D7 170 0235hrs

IMPORTANT: Beginning 9 May 2014 0:001hrs, all flights (AirAsia & AirAsia X) that are not mentioned above will operate in klia2.

Operational changes

AirAsia and AirAsia X counters

All AirAsia and AirAsia X counters will be opened three (3) hours before scheduled departure time, and will be closed one (1) hour before scheduled departure time effective 9 May 2014 at klia2.

We would like to advise all our guests to arrive ahead of the recommended check-in time to ensure ample time to move from check-in counters to your designated departure gates.

Red Carpet service

Our Red Carpet service will be temporarily unavailable from 9 May 2014 onwards for a period of four to six weeks. This is to allow our contractors to complete works for our lounge facilities and ensure full operational readiness for klia2.

Guests who have purchased Red Carpet services for outbound journeys from Kuala Lumpur will be entitled to a credit account for the fees paid. Bookings for Red Carpet services for travel arriving into Kuala Lumpur are unaffected.

We will keep our guests informed once the service has been reinstated.


All Fly-Thru guests are to connect via the Transfer Hall (Gate L) for international transfer and (Gates J & K) for domestic transfer, located between domestic & international gates. Please approach our ground staff if you need any assistance.

Tune Hotels

Tune Hotel klia2 will begin operations on 9 May 2014. All bookings made up until the 8 May 2014 (stay date) will remain at the current Tune Hotel LCCT. Transportation from Tune Hotel LCCT to klia2 will be provided for guests who are checking out on 9 May 2014.