Multiple Booking Option (MBo)

Book more and decide later!

Booked on a flight but want travel flexibility? MBo allows you to book 1 more flight and you can decide (up to 1 day before departure), which of the two flights to fly on!

If you are unsure of your travel plans, now you are no longer subjected to either jeopardizing last minute needs or missing flights. MBo offers you the freedom to choose flights according to your last minute travel needs.

Visit our partner - and follow these steps:

  • Select Multiple Booking option (MBo) tab.
  • Provide your PNR, Last Name and Email to retrieve your booking.
  • Do a search for your preferred flight.
  • Select your desred MBo flight and your MBo deadline (1-3days prior to your departure) before which you can decide the flight that you want to fly on.
  • Pay a small sign-up fee and a nominal MBo price.

Your booking remains unchanged till you make your final decision. If you decide to take the MBo flight, you can do so on and you will be rescheduled to the MBo flight. Otherwise, if you can decide to stay on the original booked flight, your booking will remain.

Book more and decide later with Optiontown’s MBo!