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About Philippines' AirAsia
The establishment of AirAsia Inc. (Philippines' AirAsia ) was announced in December 2010. It is 60% owned in equal partnership by Filipino entrepreneurs Marianne Hontiveros, Antonio Cojuangco Jr. and Michael Romero, and 40% owned by AirAsia Berhad through its wholly-owned subsidiary AirAsia International Inc.

We believe in the no-frills, hassle-free, low fare business concept so that affordable air travel can become a reality to everyone. By infusing the cultural characteristics of Filipino people such as respect and friendliness in our service, we strive to provide our passengers the opportunity to experience high-quality, professional and safe air travel. We observe these principles to protect the environment and be responsible to the community.
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Located at the shores of Aklan province is your gateway to unlimited discoveries and natural beauty! Although worldly known mainly for its annual Ati-Atihan Festival, you may besurprised by new sights at every turn.
Top 5 Must Do's
Ati-Atihan Festival Ati-Atihan Festival
Ati-Atihan Festival Vibrant colours, exotic melee of scents and a week of non-stop revelry on the streets make your time here worth every post-party muscle ache from all that dancing. Join in every third Sunday in January and let's celebrate!
Boracay Island Boracay Island
Famous the world over, it's your chance to live it here for as long as you wish. Once you get into sun, sand, sea, snorkelling and the decadent nightlife, you'll be permanently hooked as it is really postcard perfect!
Museo It Akean Museo It Akean
Visit this astounding museum within a very stunning colonial-era building. Let the lively exhibits speak for themselves and check out frequent events like book launches, art exhibitions and cultural activities.
Pina Weaving Pina Weaving
Splurge on materials and ready-made elegant outfits made from Pina fibre! As ancient as it is laborious, watch the native ladies spin magic while conjuring fabric with expert hands.
Bakhawan Eco-Park Bakhawan Eco-Park
You'd be remiss in your eco-adventure duties if you didn't take time to pop by for a visit. It's nature at its most spectacular as you soak in the tranquillity while going down river observing mangroves, rare animals and everything nature can offer.
There's nothing to do except spend every waking moment scouring the translucent blue sea with thrilling diving, swimming and snorkelling. If you're more of a land lover, you'll not be short of awesome sights, magnificent birds of prey, centuries-old craft and rip-roaring festivals!
Top 5 Must Do's
T'Boli Weaving Centre T'Boli Weaving Centre
Who would have thought that fibres from Abaca (banana tree) can produce such gorgeous cloths? Weaved with a lot of heart by ethnic T'Boli women, it's something really unique for you to own and seeing the fascinating production process live makes for an interesting story when you get home.
Puentespina Orchids and Tropical Plants Puentespina Orchids and Tropical Plants
Such glorious colours and heavenly scents! Looking like a garden of paradise, it's mostly littered with striking orchids including the Filipino 'Waling Waling'. And completing the celestial garden look are the interesting cocoa seeding area and Pumpkin Patch. It's your retreat from an already fun-filled day.
Philippines Eagle Center Philippines Eagle Center
Magnificent raptors gracefully swoop down for their meals; you are captivated from the word 'go'! Shrieks of glee from your kids will have you enamoured too as the powerful Philippine Eagle comes close to check out its excited audience.
The Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCos) The Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCos)
Believe it when travellers say there's an infinity of thrilling things to do here which mostly are eco-adventure and aqua-related. If you're afraid to chip that newly painted nail, the Pearl Farm Resort where luxurious south sea pearls are cultivated is equally fun! And to round things up, follow the guidance of Guinness Book of World Records to the Monfort Bat Sanctuary to view the largest population of Geoffrey's Rousette fruit bats.
Kadayawan Festival Kadayawan Festival
Come join the festivities every August and dress in your colourful best! Go all out as you dance, drink and sing along the carnival street, joining the locals in giving thanks to the spirits for their generous harvests that year.
Pay for only what you need! Philippines' AirAsia lets you choose what you truly need on
every single flight.
Flying is now affordable with our amazingly low fares. Forget about steep fares offering luxurious airport lounges and other frills; with Philippines' AirAsia , you get to choose exactly what you need. Customize the way you fly and opt to add-on hot, delicious in-flight meals, seat selection or comfort kits. You'll only need to pay for what you want.

Pre-Booked Meal Pre-Book Meals
Our selection of meals, snacks, and beverages to enjoy onboard is simply irresistible. Pre-book online to enjoy more savings and to avoid the disappointment of not getting the meals you want.
Seats Selection Seat Selection
Choose the seats you want with Pick A Seat. Pre-book your seats on Manage My Booking or mobile when you book your flights and up to 1 hour before your flight to ensure you get the seats that you want. You can choose between Standard and Hot Seats.
Comfort Kits Comfort Kit
Sweet dreams are made of a neck pillow, woven blanket, drawstring bag and eye shades. Sit back and relax with this reusable kit, and take it with you the next time you travel.
Fly in our brand new Airbus 320!
Our brand new planes promise to be a wonderful experience with spacious cabins, reclining seats and extra overhead baggage space. You can choose either Hot Seats for extra legroom or keep your travel party together with Standard Seats.

Airbus 320:
You can choose from Hot Seats for extra legroom or keep your travel party together with Standard Seats.
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