Empty Seat option (ESo)

Optiontown Empty Seat option (ESo)Get your ‘virtual private zone’ with Optiontown’s Empty Seat option (ESo); a popular offer for travellers to get a chance to secure empty seats next to their seat at a nominal price, elevating your travel comfort and experience.
ESo will come in handy when you are:
  • Travelling alone, you may choose 1 or 2 additional seats in a row.
  • Travelling in a group of 2, you may either choose to get the 1 additional empty seat in the same row or 2 additional empty seats per row for each of you.
If ESo is successful, you will get to enjoy the complete row of 3 seats to yourself enabling you to relax in privacy and get even more from the award winning AirAsia X experience. You have exclusive rights to use the assigned empty seat(s) for the entire duration of the flight. It’s almost like a flatbed luxury in the Economy cabin!

Only a limited number of options are offered for each particular flight based on availability of rows of empty seats and other factors, and hence an ESo Sign-up does not guarantee an empty seat. Keep participating in ESo to increase your chances to receive empty seat(s)!

Get your Empty Seats now with Optiontown!


Book your

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Select the
UTo/ESo Option

Your Booking

Pay Sign up &
Nominal Upgrade

Receive Email
for UTo/ESo status.
Refund if Non

Alternatively: Call the AirAsia X Premium Customer Service Line

(1) You will be notified 1-3 days prior but no later than 4 hours before the scheduled flight departure.
(2) Service may vary depending on the airport of departure and length of flight.
(3) Upgrade & Upgrade Fees are subject to availability and constantly updated. Sign up fee is non refundable.