AirAsia X Quiet Zone

Shhhh…everyone needs a little peace and quiet. That’s why we at AirAsia X have created the Quiet Zone for your peace of mind when flying with us.

Why pick Quiet Zone?

Located just after our Premium Flatbed cabin from rows 7 – 14.
Minimal noise with no disturbances.
Soft ambient lighting.
Your meals will be served faster!

Who can sit in the Quiet Zone?

Guests aged 10 and above.
Guests who are not travelling with guests under 10 (child or infant).

How to pick a seat in the Quiet Zone?

1 Select the pick a seat option when you book a flight or check-in.
2 Ensure to choose a seat within the Quiet Zone area, rows 7 - 14.

Check out the Quiet Zone layout below.

AirAsia Flight seat


Exit door
Premium Flatbed
Baby bassinet
Quiet zone
Hot Seats
Standard seats


1. AirAsia X Terms & Conditions of Carriage applies.
2. For operational, safety or security reasons, AirAsia X reserves the right to reassign any guest in the Quiet Zone.
3. Additional charges apply for Quiet Zone, please click here for more info.