Processing fee

A processing fee* is now applicable to all online payments made via direct debit, credit, debit or charge cards. Please see below for more details on the fee.

What is processing fee*?

A non-refundable processing fee* is charged when initial payment is made through direct debit, credit cards, debit cards or charge cards. Processing fee* will be charged with reference to the below:

  • Direct debit - as per booking.
  • Credit cards, debit cards or charge cards- as per guest per way.

Click here for more information on our fees and charges.

Why was the fee introduced?

It’s to ensure that our guests are provided with a comfortable and safe booking environment. AirAsia has invested substantially to expand, implement and maintain our online payment systems and especially, to upgrade, enhance and improve the security features for direct debit, online credit, debit and charge cards payments.

Are there other payment options which will not be charged a processing fee*?

Yes, the processing fee* does not apply to payments made through BIG Visa card.

* Processing fee will not be charged for flights to / from the United States.