Station Head (domestic airport) 空港所長(国内空港) 募集要項

Station Head (domestic airport) 空港所長(国内空港)
Work Location
Domestic airport where AAJ appoints.(会社の指定する国内空港)
Responsibilities (職務内容)
  1. Responsible to ensure that every aspect of local regulatory requirements are met and complied. This includes safe operations at station, level of station compliance to the regulatory requirements and conformance to the policy and procedures.
  2. Interact, liaise and manage relationship with government and regulatory bodies, other operating departments, external vendors and suppliers.
  3. Responsible for general administration of the station which encompasses asset management, administrative and managing human resource activity at station. Optimum manpower and resource utilization through strategic planning, organizing, controlling, monitoring and leading.
  4. Managing and adhering to all ground operations activity following company’s SOP by enforcing safety and security at all times and strive to achieve department’s KPI especially on station on-time performance (90% within 5 minutes) and aircraft turn around (90% on time).
  5. Develop annual facility and manpower budget, monitor and adhere to allotted station budget to keep cost low at all times.
  6. Monitor procedures on all station operational matters including finance, equipment, technology and people to maximize productivity at the same time maintain motivated and effective work force.


*** Flexibility of relocation is required.

  1. Good communication skill in both Japanese and English
  2. 10-15 years background in airport operation
  3. Administrative analysis and financial planning skills

Type of employment



  • 当社規程による


  • 社会保険完備
  • 通勤交通費支給(会社規程による)
  • 有給休暇、夏季休暇、慶弔休暇等
  • スタッフトラベル制度(全エアアジア グループ便に優待価格で搭乗可能)
  • GLTD(団体長期障害所得保障保険)
  • 確定拠出年金制度(DC制度)


Please send application form and your CV to Please note that your application documents will not be returned. We will use your personal information only for hiring purpose. *Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

所定のapplication form及び履歴書・職務経歴書(ワードまたはPDF:様式自由)をメールにて まで送付ください。書類選考通過者へのみ面接をご案内いた します。尚、応募書類は返却致しませんが、個人情報は選考・採用以外の目的には利用致し ません。