Travel through Xi’an and you will find yourself walking through the comprehensive book of China’s rich and ancient history. The capital city for 13 dynasties, Xi’an has prospered through the years with the emergence of the Silk Road. It is the birthplace of China’s many ideas, discoveries, civilizations and traditions, thus making China a big influential force in the world. Take a step back in time and be astonished by Xi’an’s inexhaustible monuments and cultural relics.

Top 5 Must Do's

Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army

In Xi’an lies the famed Terracotta Army, one of China’s most globally recognisable icons. Dating back to 210 BC, this form of funerary art is a collection of detailed terracotta sculptures depicting Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s armies who continue to guard him in the afterlife.

The Drum Tower and The Bell Tower

The Drum Tower and The Bell Tower

Never worry about telling day from night in Xi’an. These two towers will have you covered. The Bell Tower takes its name from the large bronze-cast bells struck at dawn, whilst the Drum Tower is named after the huge drum beaten at sunset.

The Great Mosque of Xi’an

The Great Mosque of Xi’an

Islam was introduced in China during the Tang dynasty, and the Great Mosque was constructed in 742 as the first mosque in the land. The architecture is heavily Chinese-influenced, with attractive pavilions and parks complementing the mosque complex.

Qin Opera

Qin Opera

The oldest of the Chinese operas still performed today, Qin opera’s expressive drama and straightforward performances accompanied by music keep it highly popular amongst locals. The plots are based on historical legends, so skimming the synopsis is enough for you to follow the story.

Yang Rou Pao Muo

Yang Rou Pao Muo

The signature dish of Xi’an is a must-try experience by itself –lamb soup is poured over shreds of flat, unleavened bread, along with meat, noodles or scallions, and seasoned with picked garlic or chilli. Not a mutton fan? There’s no need to feel sheepish when asking for the beef version.

To and from airport

Transportation To Duration Frequency Fare
Shuttle Bus Bell Tower 1 hr 20 mins CNY 26
Xi’an Railway 1 hr 30 mins CNY 26
Taxi City centre 1 hr All day Around CNY 120


Quick Facts

Chinese Renminbi (RMB)

220 V 50Hz


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+86 29

Buddhism, Taoism, Islam



Winter - Cold and dry
0 °C - 6°C
It’s time to layer up! Don’t forget those long johns and heat packs!


Spring - Pleasantly cool
9 °C - 20°C
Best time for walks and travelling. Bring a good camera to capture the splendid colours!


Summer - Hot and humid
21°C - 31°C
Bring your sunscreen, sunglasses and hat. Drink plenty of water.


Autumn - Cool and overcast
10°C - 19°C
Bring your umbrella in anticipation of the precipitation.