Upgrade Travel Option (UTo)

Optiontown Upgrade Travel option (UTo)

Upgrade to AirAsia X Premium Flatbed for less!

Introducing Upgrade Travel option (UTo), the new choice for upgrading your Economy seats to AirAsia X Premium Flatbed and letting you fly in high fashion style.

When you upgrade to AirAsia X Premium Flatbed(1) you’ll enjoy the comfort of a FlatBed, a scrumptious hot meal, exclusive priority check-in and priority boarding as well as an early baggage claim on arrival(2).

Only a limited number of options are offered for each flight based on availability of AirAsia X Premium Flatbed seats and other factors, hence an UTo sign-up does not guarantee an upgrade. Keep participating in UTo to increase your chances to receive an upgrade!

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Alternatively: Call the AirAsia X Premium Customer Service Line

(1) You will be notified 1-3 days prior but no later than 4 hours before the scheduled flight departure.
(2) Service may vary depending on the airport of departure and length of flight.
(3) Upgrade & Upgrade Fees are subject to availability and constantly updated. Sign up fee is non refundable.