No Fuel Surcharge - Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your questions answered about our ‘No Fuel Surcharge’ below!

1.What is "No Fuel Surcharge"?
"No Fuel Surcharge" is introduced for all seats on AirAsia and AirAsia X to relieve guests from paying the fuel surcharge fee. This means you no longer have to pay any fuel surcharge when booking all AirAsia flights operated by the following carriers;
  • AK - AirAsia Berhad (Malaysia),
  • D7 - AirAsia X Berhad (Malaysia),
  • FD - Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd,
  • QZ - PT Indonesia AirAsia,
  • Z2 - Philippines AirAsia (Philippines),
  • i5 - AirAsia (India) Limited,
  • XJ - Thai AirAsia X Co. Ltd and
  • XT - PT Indonesia AirAsia Extra
2. What benefits do I get from "No Fuel Surcharge"?
With "No Fuel Surcharge", all AirAsia fares will consist of only the base fare, administration fee and airport tax so you can enjoy even lower cost when traveling with AirAsia.

3. Will the fare for seats become higher with “No Fuel Surcharge”?
We will continue to keep our fares low to make flying affordable to everyone.

4. When I booked my flight, how can I tell/ensure that I’m not being charged for fuel surcharge?
Whenever you book your flight online, you can view the itemised fare which includes the base fare, fuel surcharge, airport tax and administration fee. For bookings made from 26 January 2015 onwards, fuel surcharge will be excluded from the itemised fare, which means that you will only need to pay the base fare, airport tax and administration charges.
For PQ/Z2 flight bookings “No Fuel Surcharge” came into effect from 8 January 2015.

5. When does "No Fuel Surcharge" come into effect?
"No Fuel Surcharge" will be applicable to all AirAsia flights booked from 26 January 2015 onwards, except for PQ/Z2 flight bookings from 8 January 2015

6. What is the difference in the amount I pay with the introduction of "No Fuel Surcharge"?
Before the removal of Fuel Surcharge, the final amount you pay consists of:
  1. Air Fare
  2. Fuel Surcharge
  3. Administration Fee
  4. Airport Tax
Now, you will only need to pay for:
  1. Air Fare
  2. Administration Fee
  3. Airport Tax
7. I booked my AirAsia flights before "No Fuel Surcharge" came into effect on 26 January 2015. Will I get a refund for the fuel surcharge I already paid for?
"No Fuel Surcharge" is only applicable to all AirAsia flights booked from 26 January 2015 onwards, except for PQ/Z2 flight bookings from 8 January 2015.

8. Will the fare rules change with the introduction of "No Fuel Surcharge''? Will I still get a refund if I miss the flight?
AirAsia’s fare rules and terms and conditions of carriage are still applicable to flights booked with "No Fuel Surcharge". As our check-in counters are closed 45 minutes for domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights respectively before scheduled departure time, please allow yourself sufficient time to reach the airport so as not to miss your flight.

9. Does "No Fuel Surcharge" include any ancillary add-on such as checked baggage, inflight meals, seat options etc.?
Ancillary add-on is not included in the "No Fuel Surcharge" fare as this is optional. These options are available to you through online booking and “Manage My Booking”.

10. Do I have to pay for fuel surcharge if I book my flights through, AirAsia’s sales offices, AirAsia Travel and Service centres, call centres, and AirAsia mobile app?
No, you do not have to pay for fuel surcharge when you book flights via the aforementioned channels.