AirAsia now operates from Kolkata’s Terminal 2, New Integrated Terminal Building (NITB)

Starting 14 March 2013, in line with providing world-class facilities for our guests; we at AirAsia will be moving our Kolkata operations to Terminal 2, New Integrated Terminal Building (NITB). For guests who are flying soon, we advise that you arrive at least 3 hours before your flight for check-in and also more time to explore the new terminal.

This new NITB takes up an area of 233,000m2 and once fully operational will have 128 check-in counters, a VIP lounge, and an inline baggage handling facility. Besides its functional attributes, the new NITB also aims to make your travels an even more comfortable experience with natural lighting, sustainable cooling systems and more greenery on its grounds.

Literature buffs will appreciate that the terminal has featured writings from Rabindranath Tagore (1st Asian Nobel Prize Winner in Literature) into the roof décor and the forecourt landscaping.

For more info about the terminal, please contact (033) 2569 1000/ 2569 1002/ 2511 8036.