Fees and charges

We have revised our baggage fees effective from 19th of November 2019, 1400 hours (GMT +8) for flights bound for the Philippines.
The rates currently shown on this page however have yet to be updated. Please chat with AVA for more information.
  1. All fees displayed are for one-way direct flights only.
  2. Prices may vary depending on your travel period, but will not at any one time be higher than those reflected in the table below.
  3. Sports equipment includes Golf, Surfboard, Bicycle, Skis/Snowboard, Cricket and Diving gear. Any other sporting equipment not stated here is accepted as part of your checked baggage allowance. Please note that travelers are now entitled to take 1 x 15kg surfboard free of charge under the Free Surfboard Policy.
  4. Per Sector: certain fees are chargeable for each stop of your journey.
  5. Per Journey: certain fees are chargeable once throughout your whole journey.

Select departure & arrival destinations and service/product to view fee schedule.